Empower your team to be their best at work, and at home.

Services for employers

AzuraMinds believe that the ability to access mental health check-ins should be as common a benefit in the workplace as gym membership or health insurance. Offering your team a free and confidential AzuraMOT shows you support their overall wellbeing. This investment in your staff will build loyalty, increase productivity, raise retention levels and reduce presenteeism.

Services for employees

Once your employer has engaged AzuraMinds, you can go ahead and book a free AzuraMOT. We’re fully independent from your employer and provide you with a confidential, safe space to ‘open up’ to an expert mental health technician. If you feel further support is needed, we’ll create a plan together and introduce you to specialist members of our extensive team.

Services for self-referring individuals

Even if your employer hasn’t offered you an AzuraMOT, you (or anyone else you feel might benefit) can arrange a confidential chat with one of our mental health technicians.

AzuraMinds Accreditation

Show your employees and clients that you are fully invested in the ongoing wellbeing of your team. Become AzuraMinds Accredited and be seen as champions of good mental health in the workplace.


AzuraMOT is the name we give to the mental health check-ins we provide for employers and employees. It enables us to identify any health and wellbeing issues or concerns you may have and to provide follow up support. All AzuraMOTs are independent and confidential. Your employer will never know what we discuss.

Post-AzuraMOT services

For many people, the AzuraMOT is just the first step and for others it is the only step. Lots of people go on to follow their check-ins with further counselling, psychotherapy or alternative therapy sessions if felt to be of benefit. At AzuraMinds we offer a full spectrum of health and well-being support services.

Talking is always good. Let’s talk.