The benefits of positive mental health in the workplace are clear:

Increase productivity

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every £1 invested into the treatment and support of mental health disorders, returns £4 in improved health and increased productivity.

Improve return on investment

Latest reviews in the UK state that every £1 businesses invest in mental health programmes, returns up to £10.

Attract the best staff

An investment in support and treatment for mental health is an appealing proposition for new employees. It enhances your reputation as an employer and investor in people.

Strengthen morale, reduce presenteeism

Build loyalty, retain good people, lower rates of absenteeism and save money with a happier, healthier workforce.

Empower people to take control of their wellbeing

1 in 4 employees experience some form of mental health issue. This leads to 91 million workdays lost in the UK, at a cost of £42 billion to employers.

To combat this, AzuraMinds have pioneered AzuraMOTs, confidential mental health check-ins for your employees held in a neutral location away from your place of work. Regular mental health check-ins create a positive work environment.

Continued support for your team after their AzuraMOT

An AzuraMot is the first positive step towards building resilience and wellbeing amongst your employees. The information gathered in these sessions will help us direct team members to any further help they may need. We offer a wide spectrum of further health and wellbeing services that we can tailor for each individual.




Osteopathy / Physiotherapy

Workshops and Lectures

Nutrition / Sleep / Exercise

Mindfulness Meditation / Tai Chi / Sound Therapy

Yoga / Ayurveda / Acupuncture / Shiatsu / Reflexology

Art / Music / Drama & Movement Therapies

Take the first step towards better mental health in your place of work