AzuraMOTs are mental health check-ins.

They help you identify any issues you may have and help find solutions that will positively impact your life.

Each 50-minute check-in session is one-to-one with a highly experienced mental health technician. Sessions take place away from your place of work and are paid for by your employer. We are an independent company and will never report back to an employer or break confidentiality.

The thinking behind our AzuraMOTs

In just the same way as a car benefits from regular maintenance and tuning, people can often benefit from becoming aware of and learning to manage their feelings and emotions.

The AzuraMOT was created to get ‘under the hood’ – to help employees identify potential mental health issues and implement a plan of maintenance or repair if needed.

AzuraMOTs can enhance businesses and make a significant difference to the lives of the people who drive them.

After your AzuraMOT

A check-in session is usually enough for most people, but for those who feel they want further assistance or need more time to explore issues around their health and wellbeing, a wide range of services and expertise is available, matched to each person’s specific requirements.

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