AzuraMinds is a group of highly experienced and passionate therapists and counsellors. We are all committed to positive change through mental health awareness and preventative action.

Each one of our vetted and skilled technicians has one mission: to make the provision of mental health and wellbeing services in the workplace as common as gym membership and dental care.

We ensure each of our clients is assigned exactly the right person, or team of people, to support them with their individual needs.

Our experienced therapists and counsellors include:


Personal trainers

Fitness coaches

Yoga practitioners


Life coaches

Mind, body and emotive practitioners



Addiction counsellors

Mental health professionals



Occupational therapists

Mental health first aiders

Our mental health technicians will:

Help identify possible issues and provide early intervention

Preventative action will identify issues before they escalate or become problematic, enabling us to provide effective support from a much earlier stage.

Establish the groundwork for strong relationships

When people connect with one of our highly trained technicians, a relationship of trust is formed. In our experience, this bond ensures they are more likely to reach out if anything unexpected occurs and they need further guidance later.

Understand your business and employee priorities

We believe that by investing in people’s psychological health and emotional wellbeing, businesses can create team unity, raise self-esteem, improve morale and enhance productivity.

Deliver stress-free convenience

To ensure people can focus and achieve the most from a session, and to help with work/life balance, we provide our services from 7am to 9pm.

Ensure confidentiality and security

AzuraMinds understand the importance of confidentiality. During the 50-minute check-in session, and in all subsequent therapeutic work, we guarantee a safe and secure experience and environment.*

*Issues regarding confidentiality are outlined in the AzuraMinds registration form. All AzuraMinds systems are GDPR compliant.

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