Mental health check-ups and well-being support for everyone

  • “You can’t stop the waves,
    but you can learn to surf”
    Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • “Prevention is
    better than cure”
    Desiderius Erasmus
  • “‘Vulnerability is the
    birthplace of innovation,
    creativity and change”
    Brené Brown

Get your Mind On Track

Our initial assessment is called the AzuraMOT Using our 6-point plan we will:


Identify any health and well-being issues you may have


Explain the nature of these issues


Advise on the support that will be of maximum benefit


Offer specific treatment options and predicted timescales


Construct a thorough Care Plan and Aftercare package to create and sustain positive change


Arrange all of your in-house treatments and any external referrals

“Our mission is to make health and well-being MOTs universally available, as commonplace as gym membership and dental care”
Why Choose an AzuraMOT?

Following your AzuraMOT, we offer a full spectrum of health and well-being support

Our Team

Matching you to the right professional from our network of highly qualified therapists

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