Forward thinking businesses recognise the importance of supporting and cultivating good mental health.


By normalising and de-stigmatising mental health and wellbeing, AzuraMinds transform the way mental health is presented inside and outside the workplace.

AzuraMOTs are independent, confidential and regular mental health check-ins for employees. In these check-ins our highly experienced technicians safely assess, tune up and support your team. They provide reassurance and, if necessary, a tailored plan of further action to drive towards positive mental health in your business.

For employers

Support your employees’ wellbeing, build loyalty and increase productivity and retention. Provide your workforce with confidential and independent mental health MOTs in a neutral location.

For employees

Book an AzuraMOT, paid for by your employer, and chat openly and confidentially with our technicians. We’re fully independent from your workplace and will provide advice to maximise your mental health.

For individuals

Confidential check-ins with our mental health technicians are available directly. Book an AzuraMOT with our expert team and we can create a bespoke plan tailored just for you.

AzuraMinds and you

Be at the forefront of an unfolding revolution in mental health by welcoming AzuraMinds into your place of work. AzuraMinds are the pioneers of the AzuraMOT and one of the leading providers of independent, preventative and easy-to access mental health workplace check-ins.

The positive effects of AzuraMinds

“We have been working with AzuraMinds for the last year and have been very impressed by their professionalism and expertise. Many of our employees have told us how much they enjoyed their AzuraMOT session. A number of them have gone on to access the further support they were offered. It’s rewarding to know we were able to play our part in helping our team members towards achieving better mental health.”

Bill Parker CEO

“I must admit I was very sceptical at first and wasn’t sure if the idea of a mental health check-in was for me. However, colleagues had gone along and said how useful they found their session. I decided to give it a go and was so pleased that I did. The lady I spoke with was warm, non-judgemental and made me feel very comfortable. She gave me some good tips for managing stress, which helped me at home as well as at work.”

Susan D
Data analyst, AGD 

“I’d been having a tough time with a few things personally and just thought I needed to get my head straight. My friend told me about AzuraMinds and their mental health check-ins, so I got in touch and made a booking at their Harley Street clinic. They were understanding and just ‘got’ me. Most importantly they were able to help by recommending a tailored programme of therapies that make me feel clearer and more positive.”

James L
Personal referral

Be a pioneer for positive mental health in business.