Call to Action: COVID-19 Support Counselling

We hope you and your family are safe and well at this incredibly difficult time.

AzuraMinds are a mental health and well-being support service for busy professionals, and we would like to offer you some crisis management and preventative measures, to avoid emotional stress and future issues.

Our initial assessment is called the AzuraMOT and we believe that you should have one of these regularly, to ensure peace of mind and personal productivity, in all aspects of your life.

Our work is usually part of a benefit package, that offers these regular mental health and well-being assessments (MOTs) alongside a range of on-going care support in addition to Counselling/Psychotherapy, such as; Executive Coaching, Anger Management, Nutritional Advice, Mindfulness Meditation, Educational Workshops, Sober Mentoring, etc.

Due to the current climate, these 'check-ins' are more important for you than ever, and we have adapted all of our 1:1 sessions to be delivered online via Zoom/Facetime, at reduced fees and even-more-flexible availability.

The AzuraMinds Network of highly qualified and experienced clinicians can deliver this to you, as one-off or 4/6/8/12-week therapeutic support sessions; tailored to meet your individual needs.

We believe that by investing in your psychological health and emotional well-being during this crisis, you will create a clarity of self-awareness that will result in; raised self-esteem, improved motivation, increased performance, and a greater satisfaction and understanding in your relationships.

We feel passionately that this vital support will equip you with the emotional tools and psychological skill to survive the stress and disturbances that we are currently all facing.

Please do consider this with care; we would be more than happy to discuss the details further and answer any questions that you might have, so please feel free to contact us directly.

Very best wishes,
Mark, George, Chula and Burak