Call to Action: COVID-19 Support Counselling

AzuraMinds is a mental health and well-being support service for busy professionals offering crisis management and preventative measures to avoid emotional stress and future issues.

Our work is usually part of a benefit package, which offers regular mental health and well-being assessments (AzuraMOTs) alongside a range of on-going care support. This is in addition to regular Counselling/Psychotherapy and includes Executive Coaching, Anger Management, Nutritional Advice, Mindfulness Meditation, Educational Workshops, Sober Mentoring, etc. We believe everyone should have an AzuraMOT regularly to ensure peace of mind and personal productivity, in all aspects of your life.

Due to the current climate, these 'check-ins' are more important than ever and we have adapted our 1:1 sessions to be delivered online via Zoom/Facetime in addition to face-to-face appointments at our Harley Street premises.

We feel passionately this vital support will equip you with the emotional tools and psychological skill to survive the stress and disturbances that we are currently all facing.

We hope to support you through this transitional time, please feel free to get in touch.